Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation was established last September 2000. Their primary focus is to advance environmental conservation, scientific research, and patient care throughout the world and in San Francisco Bay Area.

The vision of the foundation is creating positive outcomes for future generations. They uphold a set of core values that directs their work; impact, integrity, disciplined approach, and collaboration.

The foundation carries out its work through awarding initiatives and program grants to individuals, organizations, and partners to make positive changes in the world.

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$5,585,288,763 - 2010-12-31
$5,836,161,877 - 2006-12-31


$226,688,561 - 2010-12-31
$231,158,757 - 2006-12-31

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Recent News from Moore Foundation

Inside the Moore Foundation's Science Funding Powerhouse
Foundation: Moore Foundation

In his career as an award-winning Harvard astronomer, Robert Kirshner has seen how different streams of funding can impact a scientific...more

UCD's record-breaking fundraising year brings in $250M
Foundation: Moore Foundation

Williams' story makes up only one of the countless lives changed by philanthropy at UCD during the 2016-17 fiscal year. ... “I would like to thank our alumni and donors for pursuing their...more

Baylor, Geisinger work to improve diagnostic performance
Foundation: Moore Foundation

“I often get asked how health systems can reduce errors in diagnosis and ... This grant is part of the foundation's Patient Care Program which aims...more

Basic Science Funders Ask, "How Do We Know if Our Giving is Working?"
Foundation: Moore Foundation

This is a sticky problem in philanthropy, and one that's particularly challenging in the funding of basic science—that which is motivated by...more

Global Philanthropy Update - May 2017
Foundation: CAF America, Moore Foundation

The group hopes to explore issues like trends in philanthropic giving, ... to discuss global philanthropy and remittances and international...more

Who's Funding the Journalists Drilling Into the Dark Corners of America's Healthcare System?
Foundation: Moore Foundation, Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Along the way, it's diversified its funding base and has lately pulled in grants from such foundations as Annie E. Casey, the Gordon and Betty...more

Henry Moore Foundation At Forty Reveals Artist Still Relevant Force
Foundation: Moore Foundation

The Henry Moore Foundation was founded by the artist and his family in ... In the 40 years since it was established, the Foundation's unique...more

A Foundation Aims to Strengthen Connections Between Scientists and Policymakers
Foundation: Moore Foundation

And while science philanthropy remains frustratingly politics-phobic, the Moore Foundation is funding efforts to replicate the program in the states...more

MIT's Jacqueline Hewitt and HERA team given $6M boost to detect cosmic dawn
Foundation: Moore Foundation

HERA, an international project led by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, with initial funding from the National Science...more

The Henry Moore Foundation Grants
Foundation: Moore Foundation

International Deadline: March 6; May 15; September 8; December 8, 2017 – Henry Moore Foundation Grants continues Moore's legacy by...more

Illustrative Grants from Moore Foundation

Environmental Defense - $1,891,251

Tides Canada Foundation - $1,241,635

Renewable Resources Coalition - $1,409,100

Fundacao Bioma - $251,519

Rutgers University Foundation - $1,347,416

Amazon Conservation Team - $2,278,865

Ecotrust - $969,617

Tides Center, Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea - $710,262

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - $927,412

Fundacao Djalma Batista - $3,471,059

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