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PEOPLE: In a teacher's memory
Foundation: Parker Foundation

... • In honor of what his mother did so much of as a teacher, Joey Parker wants to help students. He has formed the Lynda C. Parker Foundation to provide school supplies, clothes, athletic...more

Grant Enables LCCC To Continue Music Therapy Program
Foundation: Parker Foundation

For the past five years, the Robert W. & Maxine C. Parker Foundation has funded the Music and Art Therapy programs at the Be Our Guest Adult...more

Arts Center secures $24K grant
Foundation: Parker Foundation

Arts Center secures $24K grant ... The Hutton Parker Foundation has awarded $24,000 to the Carpinteria Arts Center to help sustain ... workshops, tours of museums, galleries, and private...more

Support the Community Foundation before June 30th and Double Your Impact
Foundation: Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Parker Foundation, Theodore Edson Parker Foundation

The Community Foundation has a unique opportunity to increase our impact and strengthen our vision. And we need your support! The...more

Parker Foundation releases list of annual grant recipients
Foundation: Parker Foundation, Theodore Edson Parker Foundation

The largest recipient, the Lowell Community Health Center, received the fourth installment of a five-year, $700,000 grant. The health center...more

Barry Diller Reflects On Old Hollywood, His Paramount Days, and Philanthropy
Foundation: Ford Foundation, Goldman Sachs Foundation, Parker Foundation

On Thursday afternoon, at the end of the third-annual, two-day Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, Barry Diller, the chairman of Expedia and...more

Ruth Parker's foundation won't survive her death
Foundation: Parker Foundation

When Parker died, however, she left a cash gift to the Erie County Community Foundation, ensuring that her legacy of charity for the community...more

Tom Leggat Opportunities Fellowship Award honors two with dreams to share
Foundation: Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Parker Foundation

The fund allows the Greater Lowell Community Foundation to grant a $5,000 award to at least one young Lowell resident so he or she can embark...more

The Virtues of Impact Investing
Foundation: Parker Foundation

Peter Brill, a retired professional, is introducing impact investing to the West Coast. Impact investing focuses on ensuring resources are invested in groups, companies or businesses meant to result...more

Sean Parker honored at the Vatican with the 2016 Pontifical Key Philanthropy Award
Foundation: Parker Foundation

"We congratulate Sean Parker for winning the 2016 Key Philanthropy ... the foundation builds upon Sean Parker's philanthropic efforts over the last...more

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Finding a Place in Mainstream Social Enterprise

Finding a Place in Mainstream Social Enterprise
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