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The Rockefeller Foundation was established since 1913 with a mission of promoting the well-being of humanity. They operate with in the United States and also worldwide.

The foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees consisting 12 members, with the foundationn's president. They are responsible in overseeing the foundation's program and grantmaking strategy; budgets, expenditures, and appropriation policies; and investment strategies, allocations, and performance.

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$3,593,289,629 - 2010-12-31
$3,810,308,773 - 2006-12-31


$140,905,261 - 2010-12-31
$134,898,208 - 2006-12-31

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Should the giving styles of the rich and famous alarm us all?
Foundation: Atlantic Philanthropies, Rockefeller Foundation

In “The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded Age,” ... His call for greater “transparency” about where philanthropic dollars...more

Rajiv Shah on Rockefeller Foundation priorities, multilateralism and philanthropy
Foundation: MacArthur Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Open Society Foundations

Amid a mood of global distrust toward institutions, philanthropic foundations must prioritize winning public confidence, including by partnering...more

Honolulu's Chief Resilience Officer
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

“For the past eight years, the Hawai'i Community Foundation has been fortunate to have Josh Stanbro lead our environmental and...more

Rockefeller Foundation Supports 'Food for Soul' to Combat Food Waste
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

Backing from the Foundation will enable Food for Soul to take its successful Refettorio model to some of the USA's most vulnerable...more

Ford Foundation Bets $1 Billion On Mission Investing
Foundation: Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Knight Foundation, F.B. Heron Foundation, Ford Foundation, Kresge Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Kellogg Foundation

“If philanthropy's last half-century was about optimizing the 5 percent, its next half-century will be about beginning to harness the 95 percent as...more

Marvell-Elaine Schools praised for early literacy work
Foundation: Arkansas Community Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

AR-GLR is managed in partnership with Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, the Arkansas Community Foundation and the...more

How GCC family philanthropy can create a lasting impact
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation, Kellogg Foundation

Strategy& estimates that the annual philanthropic capital of 100 of the ... The most successful global family charities use impact philanthropy,...more

Giving Like a Rockefeller, Even if You're Not Super-Rich
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

Family members are not required to participate in philanthropy in rigid ways, however. “You can rotate onto the board or ... Four philanthropic vehicles are linked to Mr. Rockefeller...more

Illustrative Grants from Rockefeller Foundation

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - $100,000

National Academy of Social Sciences - $56,270

Ben Loeterman Productions - $28,500

University of California, Davis - $399,700

New America Foundation - $750,000

National University of Rwanda - $250,000

Enterprise Community Partners - $250,000

University of Cape Town - $700,500

Municipal Art Society of New York - $50,000

Makerere University - $300,000

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprises: Key to Enhancing a Nation’s Health

Social Enterprises: Key to Enhancing a Nation’s Health
Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) has launched a series of noteworthy research projects to learn if...

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