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The Rockefeller Foundation was established since 1913 with a mission of promoting the well-being of humanity. They operate with in the United States and also worldwide.

The foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees consisting 12 members, with the foundationn's president. They are responsible in overseeing the foundation's program and grantmaking strategy; budgets, expenditures, and appropriation policies; and investment strategies, allocations, and performance.

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$3,593,289,629 - 2010-12-31
$3,810,308,773 - 2006-12-31


$140,905,261 - 2010-12-31
$134,898,208 - 2006-12-31

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Recent News from Rockefeller Foundation

He Played the Long Game: David Rockefeller's Philanthropy and Legacy
Foundation: Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund , Rockefeller Foundation

Born in 1915, he was part of America's most famous philanthropic families, and .... The continuing heft of Rockefeller philanthropy has not just...more

Wealth, Legacy, Charity: Endings and Beginnings
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

David Rockefeller's life traces an evolution of philanthropy in America. ... When John D. Rockefeller began his large-scale philanthropic work, he...more

10 Million Water Window Challenge Announces Winners
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP), an initiative of the Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, and the Swedish International Development...more

On Philanthropy: New report examines risk in philanthropy through two lenses
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

Risk is the likelihood of an undesirable outcome. Every action includes an element of risk. Philanthropy is no exception to this rule. In fact,...more

Community Foundation Business Model Disruption in the 21st Century
Foundation: Knight Foundation, Annenberg Foundation , Rockefeller Foundation, Annenberg Foundation

The community foundation business model, which is often tied to the performance of local financial services firms, is facing disruption as the...more

The Critical Country: Foundations and the Struggle for Nigeria
Foundation: Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Open Society Foundations

American foundations have sought to improve life in Nigeria—Africa's most populous country—for at least half a century, with the Ford Foundation...more

WORKac, PORT, and others win Rockefeller Foundation grants to plan future of tristate area
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

WORKac, PORT, and others win Rockefeller Foundation grants to plan future of tristate area. Pictured here: A map depicting the four study...more

Gavin Weale
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

Gavin Weale is an award-winning social entrepreneur, and the Founder and Managing Director of Livity Africa. Now based in Johannesburg, he...more

Impact Investing and Venture Philanthropy's Role in Sowing the Seeds of Financial Opportunity
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

Since philanthropic foundations are established and controlled by billionaires whose wealth and power is derived from human exploitation...more

The Rockefeller Foundation Awards Grants to Organizations Supporting and Defending Refugees ...
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Rockefeller Foundation announced today that it will be making grants of $500,000...more

Illustrative Grants from Rockefeller Foundation

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - $100,000

National Academy of Social Sciences - $56,270

Ben Loeterman Productions - $28,500

University of California, Davis - $399,700

New America Foundation - $750,000

National University of Rwanda - $250,000

Enterprise Community Partners - $250,000

University of Cape Town - $700,500

Municipal Art Society of New York - $50,000

Makerere University - $300,000

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Green Coworking Space Expands To Serve Denver’s Green Movement

Green Coworking Space Expands To Serve Denver’s Green Movement
The country’s first green coworking space, Green Spaces, is a hub for green and socially...

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