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Bloomberg Philanthropies focuses on five key areas for creating lasting change: public health, environment, education, government innovation, and arts & culture. These five areas encompass the issues Mike Bloomberg and his team are most passionate about, and where they believe the greatest good can be achieved.

While Bloomberg Philanthropies works on a wide range of issues within each focus area, we apply a distinctive approach to all of our undertakings.

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Bezos Donates $33 Million For Dreamers' Educations
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Coca-Cola Foundation, Ford Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

NVF reported $56 million, including grants of $23 million, toward youth development and education, according to its 2015 Form 990. Jeff Bezos' parents, Mike and Jackie Bezos, are also among the early...more

Philanthropy Forecast, 2018: Trends and Issues To Watch
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

The growing prominence of women in philanthropy is an ongoing trend that continued in 2017, e.g. with Priscilla Chan at the helm of CZI, the most important new philanthropic entity to emerge in...more

Public Safety, Private Donor: What Should We Make of This Big Grant to Fight Crime?
Foundation: Bloomberg Philanthropies

Meanwhile, through a century of modern philanthropy, there's been wide agreement within the field that private money should mainly go to support those ... And we've written innumerable articles about...more

Big Bet Philanthropy: These Gifts of $25 Million or More Target Society's Toughest Problems
Foundation: Bloomberg Philanthropies

Large fortunes beget large gifts, and more than ever, prominent philanthropists and foundations are anteing up $25 million-plus to help tackle problems of poverty, disease, substandard education and...more

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces 2017 Mayors Challenge Selection Committee Co-Chaired ...
Foundation: Bloomberg Philanthropies

An expert on homelessness, she is also a MacArthur Fellow, Ashoka Senior Fellow, Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur and recipient of the National Design Award and Jane Jacobs Award. Arianna...more

A Funder Takes on Maternal and Infant Mortality Here At Home
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

When you think of philanthropic efforts to lower the mortality rate of mothers and infants, you probably think of grants to developing countries...more

Akron receives $20K planning grant for Kenmore financial empowerment center
Foundation: Bloomberg Philanthropies

Akron receives $20K planning grant for Kenmore financial empowerment ... "The fiscal health of our citizens directly affects the financial health of...more

A University Gift to Get the Tech World and Humanity Better Acquainted
Foundation: Bloomberg Philanthropies

Cornell Tech, which just opened its permanent campus this year, is itself partially a product of philanthropy. The school was initiated by...more

Private Money, Public School Reform: What Did Huge Giving for K-12 in DC achieve?
Foundation: Bloomberg Philanthropies

In the ten years since the DC Public Education Fund started, it's raised more than just millions in philanthropic donations. It's raised some...more

As Bloomberg Hammers Away at Coal, What Might Be Next for His Climate Giving?
Foundation: Bloomberg Philanthropies

As much as Bloomberg's role, via his public image and philanthropy, has grown within the climate change fight, his biggest single...more

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DIGDEEP Brings Clean Water to Many American Homes

DIGDEEP Brings Clean Water to Many American Homes
DIGDEEP Water, a human rights organization founded by  international human rights lawyer George McGraw, designs water access projects....

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