The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (CA)

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation was established by entrepreneur William R. Hewlett with his wife, Flora Lamson Hewlett, and eldest son Walter B. Hewlett.

The foundation's programs aim to help reduce global poverty, limit risk of climate change, improve educations for students in California and elsewhere, improve reproductive health and rights worldwide, support vibrant performing arts in the community, promote philanthropy, and support disadvantaged communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The foundation is classified as a private foundation under section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Hence, it is independent of the Hewlett packard Company and the Hewlett Packard Company Foundation.

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$7,296,596,000 - 2011-12-31
$9,284,917,000 - 2007-12-31


$330,704,000 - 2011-12-31
$421,400,000 - 2007-12-31

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Recent News from Hewlett Foundation

It's the One Big Foundation Taking on Cybersecurity Threats. Now, It's Doubling Down
Foundation: Hewlett Foundation

The foundation has thrust into a space that's been dominated by industry and government, yet is largely ignored by the philanthropic world. A key premise, here, is that civil society also needs a...more

How we practice effective philanthropy: Resources and guides from the Hewlett Foundation
Foundation: Hewlett Foundation

The team has staff whose roles are externally focused – making grants to strengthen nonprofits and the philanthropic sector – as well as staff whose roles are internally focused. Internally, we...more

Who Is Fred Blackwell? Nine Questions for the CEO of The San Francisco Foundation
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What is the one thing you would say to your colleagues who are leading nonprofits seeking foundation funding? We understand that we are a foundation in the business of providing grants and fueling...more

Who Is Fred Blackwell? Nine Questions for the CEO of The San Francisco Foundation
Foundation: San Francisco Foundation, Hewlett Foundation

People describe a traditional approach to philanthropy that seeks a different kind of impact, and I feel that is a false dichotomy. People with newfound wealth could learn a lot from established...more

"We Have to Try." Three Questions for Larry Kramer, President of the Hewlett Foundation
Foundation: Hewlett Foundation

Second, they are objects of media fascination, celebrities whose philanthropic choices are scrutinized very publicly. The Hewletts acquired their wealth gradually, without media scrutiny, and this...more

Weathering the Storm: How a Global Family Planning Outfit Is Coping With Funding Cuts
Foundation: Hewlett Foundation

Despite encouraging signs that the global philanthropic community will help organizations such as MSI weather the current storm, the loss of USAID money ... winds that we cannot control,” said John...more

Mexico City Policy ensures US funds won't force 'abortion ideology,' backers say
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Packard Foundation, Hewlett Foundation

The She Decides NGO was launched by the Dutch government to encourage donors to replace the funding cut by the Mexico City Policy. About $450 million has been raised from country donors, especially...more

Adapting our philanthropy in trying times
Foundation: Knight Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Hewlett Foundation

Less than two percent of philanthropic dollars are presently spent in the fight to mitigate global warming. Think about that for a moment. Climate change is—unquestionably—among the most serious...more

Calif. Cities Should Look to This SF Affordable Housing Finance Model
Foundation: San Francisco Foundation, Hewlett Foundation

The San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund, where I'm executive director, is an example of a solution that coordinates public, private and philanthropic capital to remedy this particular contributor...more

Empowering the Delta
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Packard Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Walton Family Foundation

In June 2016, Peterson was named executive director of the Walton Family Foundation, the Bentonville-based charitable powerhouse that awards grants totaling almost $400 million annually. On this day,...more

Illustrative Grants from Hewlett Foundation

Center on Education Policy - $100,000

Northeast States Center for a Clean Air Future - $20,000

Transportation and Land Use Coalition - $32,000

International Center for Not-for-Profit Law - $300,000

Somos Mayfair - $28,010

Somos Mayfair - $28,010

Transportation and Land Use Coalition - $32,000

Reproductive Health Technologies Project - $32,000

Reproductive Health Technologies Project - $32,000

MBA-Nonprofit Connection - $55,000

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