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Simi terminates lease for Under One Roof building
Foundation: Simi Valley Community Foundation

Simi Valley has terminated the Simi Valley Community Foundation's lease for a city building that was to house the Under One Roof facility for...more

Kaiser may take over building
Foundation: Simi Valley Community Foundation

On Monday, the City Council filed a report stating the lease between the city and the Simi Valley Community Foundation— the nonprofit...more

Shooting The Messenger: Silicon Valley Foundation Lashes Out At Middle East Forum
Foundation: Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Valley Foundation

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) ranks as the country's wealthiest community foundation, with more than $8 billion in...more

Community foundations for Vigo, Clay and Sullivan counties adopt online applications
Foundation: Wabash Valley Community Foundation

Wabash Valley Community Foundation serving Vigo County, along with Clay and Sullivan County community foundations, have transitioned to...more

Community foundation grant applications transition to online filing
Foundation: Clay County Community Foundation, Wabash Valley Community Foundation

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation and the Clay County Community Foundation have transitioned to an online grant application process...more

My View: Poker tournament is probably the best deal in town

This year's Fountain Valley Community Foundation Texas Hold 'Em Poker tournament will be held Saturday, March 25, at the Center at...more

In a Climate of Fear, California Funders Step Up for Immigrants
Foundation: California Community Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, California Endowment, James Irvine Foundation , New York Community Trust, Weingart Foundation, Irvine Foundation

Earlier this month, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation's board voted unanimously to give its full support to Senate Bill 6, the Due Process for...more

Risky Real Estate: What Can Funders Do About Nonprofit Displacement?
Foundation: East Bay Community Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Walter and Elise Haas Fund

Philanthropy may also find ways to partner with private developers like real estate investor Chris Foley, who recently filed an application to...more

Community Foundation passes out nearly $107000
Foundation: Wabash Valley Community Foundation

Tribune-Star/Howard GreningerBeth Tevlin, executive director of the Wabash Valley Community Foundation, and Susan Baley, executive director...more

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Three Philanthropic Families Ensure Legacy of Super Bowl

Three Philanthropic Families Ensure Legacy of Super Bowl
The Tisch, Johnson and Mara families have announced $3 million in donations to the NY/NJ Snowflake...

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