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Capital Region Community Foundation Allows Anyone To Make A Difference

The Capital Region Community Foundation allows anyone to make a lasting impact on the Lansing metropolitan area by contributing to an existing fund or setting up a new one. The foundation manages...more

Mott Supports Ignite Initiative with a 2011 Grant

Mott helped support the development of the U.S. Ignite Initiative by giving a 2011 grant that amounts to $57,000 to One Economy Corporation in Washington, DC. The White House announced the...more

A Ford Foundation Commitment: Right to Have a Lawyer
Foundation: Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation and grantees are committed to realizing the crucial right to counsel for people who cannot afford to have someone represent them in support of the Gideon v. Wainwright decision....more

Grants from the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa
Foundation: Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa

The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa announced its fall grant awards totaling $393,000 on the first of February. The foundation presented awards to 42 area nonprofits. Awards were made in...more

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Social Entrepreneur Launches Peru State College’s Distinguished Speaker Series

Social Entrepreneur Launches Peru State College’s Distinguished Speaker Series

Social entrepreneur and co-founder of Krochet Kids International, Kohl Crecilius, Peru State College’s 2013-14 Distinguished Speaker Series at the College Theatre.

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