We are interested in the role that government, small business and the nonprofit sector/philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

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Reception to Honor Evanston Community Volunteers
Foundation: Evanston Community Foundation

During a reception at Northwestern University which was sponsored by the university, the city, Evanston Township High School and the Evanston Community Foundation, Evanston community volunteers were...more

5 Reasons Why Social Entrepreneurship Is The New Business Model

MeiMei Fox, an NY Times Bestselling Author, lists five reasons why social entrepreneurship is the new business model. Fox writes how social enterprise has provided a new formula for success,...more

Corporate Benchmarking and Philanthropy

An article in the Market Watch featuring the collaboration of The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and The Conference board to produce an annual benchmarking report, Giving in...more

Collective Impact: Bringing People Together to Foster Social Change

The Philanthropy New York (PNY) has gathered together donors and funders to discuss Collective Impact, an approach that unites people together to create social change. Throughout the U.S.,...more

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The Hermit House for Sustainable Dwelling

The Hermit House for Sustainable Dwelling

The Cloud Collective, an international network of design professionals dedicated to delivering sustainable and green spaces, have conjured a sustainable way to retreat into nature: Hermit Houses.

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