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Digital Philanthropy Trends 2011

The Network For Good Digital Giving Index 2011 reaffirms important insights about digital philanthropy saying people seem to give more when the online experience is intimate and for the reasons of...more

Farrer Endowment Foundation Announces 2013 Grants

The Farrer Endowment Foundation has recently announced its grants for 2013. Lloyd J. Farrer and Georgetta V. Farrer of Mason City founded the tax-exempt nonprofit corporation in 1983, which marks...more

Delta Gateway Museum Gets New Windows
Foundation: Mississippi County Community Foundation

Delta Gateway Museum in downtown Blytheville has received grants from the Mississippi County Community Foundation and the city of Blytheville to replace two cracked storefront windows. According...more

MacArthur Foundation awards grants to 14 Chicago arts organizations
Foundation: MacArthur Foundation

The MacArthur Foundation is a foundation that grant funds to theater, music and the the arts yearly since 2006. A Chicago based institution which this year has granted monies ranging from $200,000 to...more

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Hong Kong Continues to Support its Social Enterprise Sector

Hong Kong Continues to Support its Social Enterprise Sector

Hong Kong’s social enterprise sector seems to thrive, and the government declares its support for social entrepreneurship.

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