Sonoma Valley Education Foundation receives $100,000 grant from Catalyst Fund | Community Foundations

Sonoma Valley Education Foundation receives $100,000 grant from Catalyst Fund

Foundation: Community Foundation Sonoma County

"We asked community members to share their desired vision of the future," says Angela Ryan, executive director of the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation.

"Their vision was of a centralized resource hub providing access to culture, care, community, and creativity."

The foundation has just been awarded $100,000 from a new grant program that aims to help nonprofit organizations that want to innovate, take risks, and find new solutions to help build a more united and equitable community, the Press Democrat reports.

The grant program, announced this summer, will provide local nonprofit recipients with up to $100,000 in funding to develop ambitious goals for creating thoughtful and innovative solutions to regional issues.

All phases of innovation will be covered by the funding, from capacity building and program development to pilot programs and expanded partnerships.

The foundation plans to use the grant to kick off the Sonoma Valley Ready to Learn Collaborative.

The collaborative is comprised of seven youth-serving organizations that will combine and leverage their assets and expertise to support students socially, emotionally, and academically.

"Collectively, our seven organizations have defined our shared goals, identified priorities, and mapped our assets, and are in the early stages of identifying gaps and opportunities for targeted programming, starting with the After School Empowerment program kicking off at Sonoma Valley High School in 2024," Ryan says.

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