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Founded by the Aspen Skiing Company in 1980 to promote philanthropy in the community, the Aspen Foundation, as it was originally named, raised funds by distributing Bronze Medallion Ski Passes to donors: a similar tradition that exists to this day. The introduction of Donor Advised Funds in 2000 further guided the Community Foundation towards fiscal and administrative self-reliance.

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Basalt 'social capital' committee gaining steam
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

In addition to formalizing its name, the community fund has issued a mission statement and has met with the influential Aspen Community...more

Giving Thought: Foundations play key role in disaster response
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

The CDP created the Disaster Philanthropy Playbook, a compilation of philanthropic strategies, promising practices and lessons learned to...more

Giving Thought: School resource centers help keep region's families afloat
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

Now, a similar operation has opened its doors in the Garfield 16 School District in Parachute, the western extremity of Aspen Community...more

Giving Thought: Nonprofit and business partnerships benefit local youth
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

... have a special place in my heart. It was the foundation to my career.” Tamara Tormohlen is executive director of Aspen Community...more

Glenwood Council to discuss possible tobacco tax, and additional rules and regulations Thursday
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

According to the Aspen Community Foundation, Colorado ranked number one in the country for youth vaping, coming in two times that of the...more

Giving Thought: Digging for insights using data
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

About eight years ago, Aspen Community Foundation began looking more closely at the data related to youth and families in the region. We...more

Local nonprofits innovate, celebrate amid daunting numbers
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

... large-sum donations can take advantage of donor-advised funds, too, Aspen Community Foundation Program Officer Candace Goodwin...more

Giving Thought: A financial and emotional boost for high-school graduates
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

Aspen Community Foundation is just one of many players in this venue, but we're proud to have awarded $233,500 this year to a total of 100...more

Preschool on Wheels makes its final stop
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

Created through a partnership with the Garfield County School District Re-2, Aspen Community Foundation's Preschool on Wheels program...more

Giving Thought: Teen vaping a community concern for Aspen, entire state
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation

At Aspen Community Foundation, we talk a lot about youth success: things that make a positive difference in a child's life and what prevents them...more

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“I vote for a social economy” Campaign

“I vote for a social economy” Campaign

The Social Economy Alliance members had launched its I vote for a social economy, a campaign calling for a more social economy in Britain, at an open mic event in Manchester.

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