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Boone County Endowment Grant Opportunities Available for County Non-profits
Foundation: Boone County Endowment Fund

The group has recently received a state award totaling $108,610 which will be used to advance philanthropy and fund charitable projects...more

County Foundation Receives Funds For Grant Program
Foundation: Boone County Endowment Fund

BOONE, Iowa—The Boone County Endowment Fund has received a $133,164 state award for countywide grant making and endowment...more

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Hugh Jackman: Fair Trade Entrepreneur

Renowned actor, Hugh Jackman, talks about how he started becoming a fair trade entrepreneur. Jackman is constantly building up ideas and solutions to help small coffee growers get good prices outside the massive coffee industry. His business,  Laughing Man Worldwide, reinvests 100% of its profits in its partnerships with farmers.

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