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The Kitsap Community Foundation was founded in 1993 by a group of dedicated citizens who wanted to ensure there was a forever mechanism for providing on-going support to meet the needs of our community.
This goal is accomplished through the distribution of grants which are funded through forever endowments and other funds. Endowment funds ensure an ongoing stream of funds to support and encourage the broader community good today and for generations to come.

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Women helping women on the Kitsap Peninsula
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Kitsap Community Foundation

We seek to use philanthropy to empower women and ultimately create social changes that benefit everyone. Our grants process is very...more

Premera partners with community foundations as a catalyst for behavioral health access and equity
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation, Community Foundation of South Puget Sound, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

The foundations will be stewards of Premera's investments and will award grants to nonprofits addressing behavioral health and health equity in...more

Medina to run for re-election to Bainbridge council
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation

He is president/CEO of the Kitsap Community Foundation. Before joining the foundation, he worked for almost nine years as the executive director...more

Kitsap Great Give raises nearly $1.4 million in 24 hours
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation

The total may be adjusted slightly based on some mail donations being added after the date, according to the Kitsap Community Foundation,...more

Thanks for another big Bellringer year
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation

All donations were accepted through the Kitsap Community Foundation, our new partner for the Bellringer campaign, and you'll receive your...more

The impact readers had in 2018
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation

Everyone at the Sun, and now our partner, the Kitsap Community Foundation, is encouraged when we can join together for such a good...more

Campaign launched to expand Illahee Preserve
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation

... Forest Preserve is sending out mailers and posting signs inviting residents to contribute and will raise funds through Kitsap Community...more

Join a community that cares through the Sun's Bellringer drive
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation

All funds go into an account that's now a part of the Kitsap Community Foundation, which will provide receipts for tax purposes. We'll accept...more

Kitsap Great Give raises more than $1.4 million for 314 local nonprofits
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation

The Kitsap Great Give, a 24-hour nonprofit fundraising event staged by the Kitsap Community Foundation, raised more than $1.4 million from 3,622 donors on April 24. In 2017 they raised $1.63 million...more

Kitsap Great Gives raises $1.4 million for local nonprofits
Foundation: Kitsap Community Foundation

"Whatever the number is, we raised a whole lot of money for 314 nonprofits, so that's a good day," said Kol Medina, president and CEO of the Kitsap Community Foundation, which organized the...more

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