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The Week in impact investing: Scenarios
Foundation: MacArthur Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Russell Family Foundation

... of tech innovation and impact investing. (Stripe this week acquired Nigerian payments company Paystack, a portfolio company of impact...more

People in the News (01/12/2020): Appointments, Promotions, Obituaries
Foundation: Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Nathan Cummings Foundation

January 12, 2020. People in the News (01/12/2020): Appointments, Promotions,. Subjects: nonprofits; philanthropy /...more

Foundations' 21st-century obligation: Align your endowments with mission
Foundation: Nathan Cummings Foundation

... 26% poverty rate to our nation's rampant wealth inequality — many philanthropic leaders are awakening to philanthropy's moment of...more

Resonance: A Framework for Philanthropic Transformation
Foundation: Knight Foundation, Public Welfare Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

Philanthropic organizations whose endowments and influence can be traced back to industries that relied on exploitation and the extraction of...more

New $20 Million Fund Aims to End Workplace Sexual Harassment
Foundation: NoVo Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Ford Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Unbound Philanthropy, Unbound Philanthropy, Open Society Foundations

Following the Time's Up legal defense fund, which raised $22 million since January 2018, the philanthropy world has actively responded to sustain...more

The Economy Is Changing—and So Must We: A New Charge for Nonprofits
Foundation: Ford Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation

This includes writing on employee ownership, cooperatives, social enterprise, community development finance, anchor institutions, the growth...more

Amid Rising Alarms About Big Tech, What Is Philanthropy's Role?
Foundation: Knight Foundation, Ford Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Last fall, we talked to Barry Lynn, director of Open Markets, about what role philanthropy could play in countering the growing—and increasingly, ominous—power of Big Tech. Lynn and his team had...more

In the Era of Trump and Climate Change, Why Stockpile Surging Assets?
Foundation: Nathan Cummings Foundation

Five percent. It's a figure that rules the behaviors of so many foundations, and causes great frustration for nonprofits and those of us who follow the sector. It's the minimum percentage of assets...more

Mission Alignment Marks Next Frontier of Endowment Investing
Foundation: Ford Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation

“Our decision reflects our values and our aspirations, our assessment of the market, and the opportunity for NCF to both join and leverage a chorus of philanthropic and private sector investors...more

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Social entrepreneurs Manjil Rana and Shin-chul Yoon founded the Maya Universe Academy as an answer to Nepal’s growing problems in its educational system.

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