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'Shocking' Lack Of Diversity Among Fundraisers
Foundation: Community Foundation of Greater Flint, MetLife Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Rockefeller Foundation

The first black CEO of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Mich., is working to rebuild trust in a city still reeling from lead-contamination water crisis, the AP reports. Isaiah Oliver was...more

Revenue Squeeze Pushes Cities, Counties to Get Creative on Taxes
Foundation: Pew Charitable Trusts

Tax Innovation. In this climate, helping local governments generate additional revenue, and more reliable revenue, is a top priority for...more

New grant programs infuse Philadelphia's nonprofit and arts sectors with $6 million
Foundation: Pew Charitable Trusts, Philadelphia Foundation

“I think, particularly for a program that focuses on the provision of social ... a rich culture filled not only with individual artists but diverse and innovative ... In partnership with...more

Los Angeles Fund Awards $36.1 Million to Revive Cultural Groups; Novartis Advances Black ...
Foundation: Citi Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, Rockefeller Foundation

... other management help to small businesses owned by people of color. Each nonprofit group has received $500,000 in unrestricted grant...more

Chile's President Announces Plan to Ease Country's Philanthropy Laws
Foundation: Pew Charitable Trusts

Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on nonprofit organizations, The Pew Charitable Trusts' Chilean Patagonia project hosted a series...more

A Role for Philanthropy in Juvenile Justice Reform
Foundation: Pew Charitable Trusts

A Role for Philanthropy in Juvenile Justice Reform. Jun 04, 2021 Jake Horowitz, The Pew Charitable Trusts. Michigan's juvenile justice system...more

Pew Grantee The Bridgespan Group Seeks to Bolster Philadelphia-Area Nonprofits
Foundation: Pew Charitable Trusts

Both programs are designed to help nonprofit executive teams make critical, strategic decisions and improve their management skills, team...more

This Nonprofit is Taking on 10 Major Consumer Goods Companies Seeking Cuts in Use of Plastic ...
Foundation: Pew Charitable Trusts

“This year, our efforts will focus on educating corporate management and shareholders about these urgent new findings and engaging...more

Year in Review: Five Important Clinical Advances in Cancer in 2020
Foundation: Pew Charitable Trusts

Philanthropic support for the Early Drug Development Service and Dr. Drilon's work has been provided by entrepreneur and philanthropist...more

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Russell James, a famed fashion photographer, started Nomad Two Worlds (N2W), an idea that stemmed from Russell’s Australian roots where he witnessed the culture clash between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia.

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