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Inquirer Management Fears Philly Could Have No Daily Paper in 5 Years
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

An internal memo from the newspaper's leadership gives the company — once hailed for its unique nonprofit ownership structure — just five years...more

Philadelphia Foundation to Give $1 Million in Grants
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

Philadelphia Foundation to Give $1 Million in Grants ... NBC10) The Philadelphia Foundation is set to give away $1 million in grants this...more

Hopeworks Needs Your Votes
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

For more than a century, Philadelphia Foundation has increased philanthropic investment in the community, fostering the economic, civic and...more

Philadelphia Foundation Invites a Moment of Engagement on Its Anniversary
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

This effort is not structured in the same way, though; it is more an exercise in contest philanthropy, about which we have written a ton. Rick Cohen,...more

You Can Help Give Away $1 Million of the Philadelphia Foundation's Money
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

The Philadelphia Foundation will be crowdsourcing its donations with its new initiative in allowing the public to select the winners of $1 million worth of grants. The Philadelphia Foundation will...more

Help TechGirlz Win $200000: Upcoming Philadelphia Foundation Grant Depends on Community ...
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

PHILADELPHIA, PA — JULY 8, 2019 — You hear about the importance of STEM education. Now you can do something about it. TechGirlz,...more

Voting opens for Philadelphia Foundation's Key to Community Grant
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

As one of the four community engagement initiatives to celebrate its second century of service to the community, Philadelphia Foundation...more

Philadelphia Foundation wants you to pick how to spend $1 million
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

The philanthropic organization has created an online voting platform for the public to determine which of 15 pre-selected, nonprofit...more

Workshop held in South Philadelphia contributes to new legacy mural
Foundation: Philadelphia Foundation

Marking its centennial year of service celebration, the organization, which works to increase “philanthropic investment in the community, fostering ... The 100-year-old organization engages in a...more

Brook J. Lenfest Foundation Grants
Foundation: Lenfest Foundation, Philadelphia Foundation

Its grants focus mainly on education, job training and mentoring programs. ... and management support services for the Brook J. Lenfest...more

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5 Lessons Gleaned at the 1st Annual 2013 Social Entrepreneurship Conference

5 Lessons Gleaned at the 1st Annual 2013 Social Entrepreneurship Conference

The 1st annual 2013 Social Entrepreneurship Conference was a collaboration between the Maricopa Small Business Development Center, SEED SPOT, Wells Fargo, the SBA, and the Maricopa Community Colleges.

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