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The Rockefeller Foundation was established since 1913 with a mission of promoting the well-being of humanity. They operate with in the United States and also worldwide.

The foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees consisting 12 members, with the foundationn's president. They are responsible in overseeing the foundation's program and grantmaking strategy; budgets, expenditures, and appropriation policies; and investment strategies, allocations, and performance.

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$3,593,289,629 - 2010-12-31
$3,810,308,773 - 2006-12-31


$140,905,261 - 2010-12-31
$134,898,208 - 2006-12-31

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Recent News from Rockefeller Foundation

Social Investing – A Snapshot
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

Social investing through concepts such as impact investing, social impact ... Recent market sizing by the Global Social Impact Investment...more

Catalytic Capital: Impact investors unlock off-grid energy financing with first-loss guarantees
Foundation: MacArthur Foundation, Packard Foundation, Kresge Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

Some of those investors, including the Rockefeller Foundation's Rajiv Shah, the Packard ... “Investments can do that in a way that grants...more

Inside a Powerful Silicon Valley Charity, a Toxic Culture Festered
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Ford Foundation, Minneapolis Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation's problems burst into view last month, when the Chronicle of Philanthropy published a detailed...more

Bill and Melinda Gates' “Ten Tough Questions” Letter is Worth Emulating
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

This article originally appeared in Philanthropy Daily, May 10, 2018. .... Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation in Great Philanthropic...more

60 seconds with...Itad's Impact Investing theme
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

To celebrate their launch, we're talking to Itad's new Impact Investing and Innovative ... Who else does the Impact Investing theme work with within Itad? ... of Nesta Impact Investments (a UK-based...more

Mission Forward: Foundation leaders meet to talk place, race and impact
Foundation: Gates Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Philadelphia Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

... philanthropic approaches toward impact investing will be on offer in the discussion among three foundation presidents. Students of philanthropy...more

Dalio, Novogratz, Skoll Give Audaciously: Philanthropy Tracker
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

The inventor of a fish taco soda, an energy mogul and a hedge fund manager are some of the big givers included in the Bloomberg News Philanthropy Tracker for April. Email tips to...more

Pact Launches Energy for Prosperity, a New Global Initiative to Improve Energy Access in ...
Foundation: Rockefeller Foundation

With a focus on innovation and social enterprise, Pact helps people gain access to affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity. Pact collaborates with governments, companies, investors and other...more

Mark Zuckerberg-Connected Charity At Risk Of Implosion
Foundation: Microsoft, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

Quietly, without fanfare, an under-the-radar foundation in Silicon Valley has grown to become larger than household names like the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. The Mountain View,...more

With poverty its focus, how impact investor Acumen is helping solving global issues across the world
Foundation: Cisco Systems Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

And, in 2001, when impact investment was unheard off, she founded Acumen, with seed capital from the Rockefeller Foundation, Cisco Systems Foundation and individual philanthropists. In the last...more

Illustrative Grants from Rockefeller Foundation

International Institute of Tropical Agriculture - $100,000

National Academy of Social Sciences - $56,270

Ben Loeterman Productions - $28,500

University of California, Davis - $399,700

New America Foundation - $750,000

National University of Rwanda - $250,000

Enterprise Community Partners - $250,000

University of Cape Town - $700,500

Municipal Art Society of New York - $50,000

Makerere University - $300,000

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Social Entrepreneurship

STREAT Helps Homeless Youth Gain Employment – One Meal at a Time

STREAT Helps Homeless Youth Gain Employment – One Meal at a Time
Cause Artist has provided a video featuring Tessa Cleary and Alice Pickin with STREAT, a social...

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