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RSF Launches New Pipeline Grants Competition with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation

RSF has launched a new Pipeline Grants Competition for early- and ... Mobility and Opportunity program at the Bill & Melinda Gates...more

Russell Sage Foundation: Research Grants
Foundation: Russell Sage Foundation

RSF is dedicated to the improvement of social and living conditions in the U.S. Grants are available for research assistance, data acquisition,...more

Mackenzie Bezos, As With So Many Female Philanthropists, Giving Away A Man's Money
Foundation: Russell Sage Foundation

Philanthropy is good, therefore that's a fine thing. But it is ... MacKenzie Bezos is the most visible emblem to date of an important philanthropic...more

Gospels of Giving for the New Gilded Age
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation

“The Gospel of Wealth” has been called the “ur-text of modern philanthropy. ... The “Gospel” also prompted the ur-critiques of philanthropy. ..... It is difficult to say what fraction of...more

Beyond the Ivory Tower: A Research Funder Aims for More Traction on Public Policy
Foundation: Russell Sage Foundation

In fact, this is among the very oldest strategies of philanthropy: One of America's first foundations, the Russell Sage Foundation, was established in 1907 ... Along with other early philanthropic...more

Today's youth reject capitalism, but what do they want to replace it?
Foundation: Russell Sage Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Kellogg Foundation

Today's youth are increasingly unhappy with the way their elders are running the world. Their ire was most recently expressed when thousands of teenagers and others across the country marched on...more

To Reduce Inequality, a Foundation Looks to Shift Both Policy and the Larger Narrative
Foundation: Russell Sage Foundation

They became billionaires and ramped up their philanthropy. Sandler Foundation grants have gone to an array of institutions, quite a few that it helped created, including the American Asthma...more

Mario Luis Small Joins Russell Sage Foundation Board of Trustees
Foundation: Russell Sage Foundation

The Russell Sage Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of sociologist Mario Luis Small to its board of trustees. Small is currently Grafstein Family Professor at Harvard University. He is...more

Norwich schools alum now a prestigious MacArthur Fellow
Foundation: MacArthur Foundation, Russell Sage Foundation, Spencer Foundation

On the other end of the line, MacArthur Foundation Managing Director Cecelia Conrad was in a room with the MacArthur Fellow Grant...more

A New Challenge to Koch Gifts on Campus Raise Larger Issues About Transparency
Foundation: Russell Sage Foundation, Ford Foundation

The Charles Koch Foundation is one of several Koch family philanthropic entities and tends to focus its giving on colleges and universities. In fact,...more

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Foundation-owned Social Enterprise Serves Poor, Underserved Countries Across the world

Foundation-owned Social Enterprise Serves Poor, Underserved Countries Across the world

Gradian Health Systems, which pioneered the CE-marked Universal Anaesthesia Machine to bring general anaesthesia in underserved communities around the world on patients of any age, is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) solely owned by a New York City-based private foundation, the Nick Simons Foundation.

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