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Power Building Meets Impact Investing
Foundation: Solidago Foundation

In the chart below, Armeni and Lyon contrast how a grassroots-oriented approach (GCEI) differs from what they portray as standard impact...more

How Can Philanthropy Help Rehabilitate US Democracy?
Foundation: MacArthur Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Solidago Foundation, Ford Foundation, Joyce Foundation, Seattle Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

... philanthropic organizations (the independent sector). In this piece, we focus on how philanthropy can repair and rehabilitate our dysfunctional...more

Author: Cheyenna Weber
Foundation: Solidago Foundation

She also referenced Solidago's commitment to become more explicit with efforts at racial diversity. “I spend my time on organizing within...more

Collaborating to Advance Justice for Women: Solidago Foundation
Foundation: Solidago Foundation

“I spend my time on organizing within philanthropy. It's a big part of my role to think about where the women of color are in philanthropy and how can...more

Solidago CEO Opens International Women's Funders Summit in NYC
Foundation: Solidago Foundation, Greater Cincinnati Foundation

... by the Women's Funding Network, the largest philanthropic network in the world devoted to women and girls. ... and Courtney Bryan, head of East Region Global Philanthropy at JP Morgan Chase...more

People in Business: Former Deputy Director of New York City Housing Advocacy Organization ...
Foundation: Solidago Foundation

The Solidago Foundation is a national public foundation that, cultivates innovation, collaboration to ensure robust funding of progressive...more

Solidago Foundation CEO to Speak at Briefing on Grantmaking and Civic Engagement
Foundation: Solidago Foundation

The Solidago Foundation has a twenty-year history as a leader in the field of philanthropy both through grant-making and partnerships. Under Barajas-Román's leadership, the Foundation supports...more

A Funding Effort to Build a Stronger, More Diverse Climate Movement
Foundation: Rockefeller Family Fund, Solidago Foundation

It's not an approach that environmental philanthropy overall has excelled at—green giving has a track record of underfunding smaller...more

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The Social Investment Tax Relief

The proposed Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) has UK civil society and social organizations stirred up this season. The supposed tax relief on investment in social impact bonds will support the UK social economy.

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