Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The foundation was founded on December 1994 and was first named as the William H. Gates Foundation. The main focus of the foundation were global health and community needs in the Pacific North west.

In October 2006, the foundation created two trust structure called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which distributes grant money, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust which manages endowment assets.

The foundation believes that every life has an equal value. They work to help all people lead a healthy life. In developing countries, they focus on the improvement of people's health and lifting them out of hunger and poverty. In the United States, they seek to ensure that people have access to opportunities that would lead them to succeed in school and in life.

Foundation Grants and Resources

Recent News from Gates Foundation

Can the Gates Foundation Cede Power to Those It Seeks to Help? - Chronicle of Philanthropy
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Much larger philanthropic organizations have started to adopt similar approaches, typically for specific programs. For instance, the John D. and Catherine...more

Inflammasome develops combo HIV/birth control implant - Outsourcing Pharma
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Thanks in part to grants from the Gates Foundation, the company has come up with a bioerodible implant that combines HIV prevention and birth...more

Gates & Soros buy UK-based Mologic: A social enterprise to improve global healthcare
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Gates and Soros are investing at least £30m ($38.5m) into Mologic to turn it into a social enterprise. This means that Mologic is to be rebranded...more

YMCA of the USA Appoints First Woman Leader in Its 170-Year History
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Community Foundation of Louisville, William Penn Foundation

Ramona Dallum Lindsey, a program officer at the Community Foundation of Louisville, has been promoted to vice president of equity and...more

Indiaspora set to launch 2021 Philanthropy Leaders List
Foundation: American India Foundation, Gates Foundation

... 2021 Indiaspora Philanthropy Leaders List recognizing 100 Indian and diaspora leaders who have made a significant impact with their...more

Indiaspora announces 2021 Indiaspora Philanthropy Leaders List Launch - Indiaspora
Foundation: American India Foundation, Gates Foundation

... 2021 Philanthropy Leaders List recognizes one hundred Indian and diaspora leaders who have made a significant impact with their...more

Fraternization in the Workplace: Practical Guidance for Nonprofit Boards
Foundation: Gates Foundation

The main legal risks are sexual harassment, conflicts of interest, and workplace violence. Beyond legal risks, management issues such as...more

UAP Prof Tanveer Ferdous Saeed gets Bill, Melinda grant
Foundation: Gates Foundation

... Saeed of the civil engineering department of the University of Asia Pacific has recently received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates...more

What Was the Real Relationship Between Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates?
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Sources describe him like a mollusk at elite global philanthropic gatherings — to ... I now see that his philanthropic proposals were designed to ingratiate ... one should assume that the world of...more

The Gateses Divorce Offers a Case Study in What's Wrong With the Way Journalists Cover ...
Foundation: Gates Foundation

What matters far more to all of philanthropy would be a decision by the Gateses to accelerate annual distributions from the...more

Illustrative Grants from Gates Foundation

United Way of King County-$1,500,000

University of California Berkeley Foundation-$250,000

Education Writers Association-$960,962

Business-Higher Education Forum-$910,000

Higher Education Policy Institute-$5,384,226

Center For Law And Social Policy-$400,000

Building Changes-$750,000

Building Changes-$5,383,920

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance-$335,508


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