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The Annenberg Foundation is a family foundation established in 1989 by Walter H. Annenberg. The foundation supports worldwide communities through grantmaking, technical assistance, and direct charitable activities.

The foundation's core values are responsiveness, accesssibility, fairness, and involvement.

The foundation aims to advance the public wel-being through improved communication and to develop effective ways to share ideas and knowledge.

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$1,720,105,770 - 2011-06-30
$2,685,286,093 - 2007-06-30


$97,689,900 - 2011-06-30
$279,744,155 - 2007-06-30

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Heidi Duckler Dance Presents EBB & FLOW: CHINATOWN
Foundation: California Community Foundation, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Annenberg Foundation , James Irvine Foundation , Annenberg Foundation, Irvine Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

... Dance/USA and Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and awards from the California Community Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, California...more

Exploring the Arts (ETA) Awarded Major Grant from the Eugene M. Lang Foundation to Launch ...
Foundation: Annenberg Foundation , Annenberg Foundation

Exploring the Arts (ETA) Awarded Major Grant from the Eugene M. Lang ... participants will receive weekly after-school training in either Music, Dance, or Theatre. ... ETA will welcome its first...more

East West Players Receives Grant From The Annenberg Foundation To Produce Artistic Works And ...
Foundation: Annenberg Foundation , Annenberg Foundation

East West Players (EWP), the nation's longest-running professional theater of color and the largest producing organization of Asian American artistic work, has received a grant from Annenberg...more

The People Concern Receives Grant Money to Aid Homeless
Foundation: Annenberg Foundation , Annenberg Foundation

The Annenberg Foundation awarded The People Concern with a grant in early April for its contributions in aiding people experiencing homelessness. The funds will go toward running the Annenberg Access...more

Early, Patient, Nimble Philanthropy Can Make or Break Public-Private Partnerships
Foundation: Moore Foundation, Annenberg Foundation , Campbell Foundation , Packard Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Annenberg Foundation

Stubborn but flexible philanthropy made this possible. California offers other examples of the outsized payoff for philanthropic patience and collaboration in conservation. The state passed landmark...more

Can a Broken Foster Care System Be Fixed? These Philanthropists Think So
Foundation: Blue Shield of California Foundation, California Community Foundation, David Bohnett Foundation, Ahmanson Foundation , Ahmanson Foundation , Annenberg Foundation , California Endowment, Annenberg Foundation, Ahmanson Foundation

It's a spirit of collaboration that has animated much of the philanthropic work on foster care in L.A., work that the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker have played a major role in. The couple is part of...more

Interfaith Sanctuary Alliance Holds Fundraiser for 805 Undocufund
Foundation: McCune Foundation, Annenberg Foundation , Ventura County Community Foundation, Annenberg Foundation, California Wellness Foundation

The McCune Foundation is providing leadership support and the Ventura County Community Foundation is providing administrative support. The fund has attracted some major donors, including Direct...more

Social Innovation Summit partners with CTA to host the first-ever Tech for Good Conference at CES ...
Foundation: Annenberg Foundation , Annenberg Foundation

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On Thursday, January 11, 2018, the Social Innovation Summit (SIS) will host the first-ever Tech for Good conference at CES 2018. CES is the world's largest...more

Philly mag takes a deep dive into the region's philanthropic legacy
Foundation: Annenberg Foundation , Pew Charitable Trusts, William Penn Foundation, Annenberg Foundation

“Only You Can Fix Philly's Philanthropy Crisis” by Malcolm Burnley takes a close look at why that is. Some examples: In the early 2000s, major funders Annenberg Foundation moved to L.A. and Pew...more

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprises: The Key to Protecting Egypt’s Natural Treasures

Social Enterprises: The Key to Protecting Egypt’s Natural Treasures

After marveling at Egypt’s natural heritage sites such as South Sinai and the Red Sea, Iris Boutros, writer at Daily News Egypt, muses on Environment Minister Laila Iskandar’s goals of longer-term environmental agenda by injecting social entrepreneurship as its powerful implementer.

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