Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The foundation was founded on December 1994 and was first named as the William H. Gates Foundation. The main focus of the foundation were global health and community needs in the Pacific North west.

In October 2006, the foundation created two trust structure called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which distributes grant money, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust which manages endowment assets.

The foundation believes that every life has an equal value. They work to help all people lead a healthy life. In developing countries, they focus on the improvement of people's health and lifting them out of hunger and poverty. In the United States, they seek to ensure that people have access to opportunities that would lead them to succeed in school and in life.

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$34,640,123,000 - 2011-12-31
$38,921,022,000 - 2007-12-31


$4,963,286,000 - 2011-12-31
$2,011,675,000 - 2007-12-31

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5 Key Areas Where Philanthropy is Providing a Path for a Better Tomorrow
Foundation: Gates Foundation, CDC Foundation

But drug and insecticide resistance presents a more complicated problem, which calls for biomedical innovation that some philanthropic...more

What Donors Want – Episode #9: Segal Family Foundation
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And now our ninth episode deep dives into the philanthropic philosophy of one of the most generous and ... their mission is to change the power dynamics inherent in traditional philanthropy and prove...more

Top 5 Acts of Philanthropy in 2018
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SEATTLE — According to UBS' global report, acts of philanthropy are ... global philanthropic achievements, here are the top five acts of philanthropy...more

The City Fund's next steps: These 7 cities are the focus of the biggest new education player
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The City Fund has already given grants to organizations and schools in Atlanta, Indianapolis, Newark, Denver, San Antonio, St. Louis, and...more

Blacks Are Financially Struggling: Here's How We Can Help Them
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation

Now's the time for us all to make a philanthropic commitment to providing the ... and continuing to promote effective philanthropy in Black...more

Social Innovation Needs Data, This Free Platform Provides It
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Innovation can take many forms, especially when addressing global development challenges. This can involve new products, a new business...more

National Experts: Forming STEM Ecosystems is Top Priority
Foundation: Arizona Community Foundation, Gates Foundation

... Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation under the leadership of Steve Seleznow, who has since left Gates to lead the Arizona Community...more

AIDS-Related Philanthropy Down 5 Percent Last Year
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Private philanthropic support for the AIDS epidemic decreased by 5 percent, or $37 million, in 2017 – the lowest level in three years, according to...more

Top 5 philanthropic business leaders
Foundation: Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation , Gates Foundation

Top 5 philanthropic business leaders ... All in all, Dell has donated a whopping $2bn to philanthropic endeavours over the course of his ... Today, much of his philanthropy is achieved through the...more

USC, Northwestern to Study Antibiotic Prescribing Via Telemedicine
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Funded by a grant from the Health and Human Services Department's Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the University...more

Illustrative Grants from Gates Foundation

United Way of King County - $1,500,000

University of California Berkeley Foundation - $250,000

Education Writers Association - $960,962

Business-Higher Education Forum - $910,000

Higher Education Policy Institute - $5,384,226

Center For Law And Social Policy - $400,000

Building Changes - $750,000

Building Changes - $5,383,920

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance - $335,508

MDRC - $13,000,000

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Key to Successful Social Entrepreneurs: MENTORS
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