John Templeton Foundation

The John Templeton Foundation was established in 1987 by Sir John Templeton.

The foundaiton serves as a philanthropic catalyst for discoveries relating to Big Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality. They support research on subjects ranging from complexity, evolution, and infinity to creativity, forgiveness, love, and free will.

The vision of the foundaiton is derived from Sir John Templeton's optimism about the possibility of acquiring new spiritual information and from his commitment to rigorous scientific research and related scholarship.

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$1,500,000,000 - 2009-12-31
$1,278,265,114 - 2006-12-31


$300,000,000 - 2009-12-31
$55,968,276 - 2006-12-31

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Recent News from John Templeton Foundation

To Ourselves and Our Posterity
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

One of the greatest opportunities for philanthropy over the coming decade is to strengthen public knowledge and appreciation of the core principles...more

Museum of the Bible receives grants for big exhibit on science and faith
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

... public is the Museum of the Bible in Washington, which announced April 1 that it would be using sizable grants from the John Templeton...more

Dartmouth physicist, known for doubting religious skeptics, wins 2019 Templeton Prize
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

“Two values which were especially important for him, and the focus of various foundation grants, are the pursuit of joy in all aspects of life, and...more

John Templeton Foundation to Invest $325 Million in Strategic Priorities
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

Over the next five years, the John Templeton Foundation will devote a total of approximately $325 million in philanthropic funding to 12...more

NPT People: Feb 2019
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

Van Dyke has worked in nonprofit management and development for seven years, most recently as development director of Food for Thought...more

UMSL researchers awarded nearly $5 million in new grants during first quarter of new fiscal year
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

The College of Education continues to bring in large foundation funding awards. The John Templeton Foundation awarded Mindy C. Bier,...more

Will Kids' Religious Training Save – or Doom – the World?
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

A grant from the Templeton Foundation will link independent studies from across the world that consider the impact of religious training on...more

Washington University probing whether Greitens misused grant funds
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

The use of grant money to pay for political work follows a pattern outlined in the House's latest report released on Wednesday. The investigation found that Greitens ran an off-the-books political...more

John Templeton Foundation Grant
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

Objective: The John Templeton Foundation aims to advance human well-being by supporting research on the Big Questions, and by promoting character development, individual freedom, and free markets....more

UCLA awarded $1.1 million grant to answer big biological questions
Foundation: John Templeton Foundation

Patrick Allard and colleagues will study to what extent a person's health is determined not only by her or his parents, but going back...more

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