The Moody Foundation (TX)

Moody Foundation was established to benefit in perpetuity present and future generation of Texans. It was established by W. L. Moody Jr. and his wife, Libbie Rice.

The foundation continues to focus most of its projects which include the Foundation-initiated projects at Moody Gardens and the Transitional Learning Center.

Beyond Galveston, the foundation's historic base, they primarily award grants in Austin and Dallas, with emphasis on education, social services, children's needs, and community development.

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$2,029,101,000 - 2009-12-31
$1,197,810,658 - 2006-12-31


$59,108,000 - 2009-12-31

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Recent News from Moody Foundation

SMU Creates 8th Degree-Granting School with $100M Gift from Moody Foundation
Foundation: Moody Foundation

SMU said that the investment in graduate-level education is aimed at enabling greater interdisciplinary collaboration and creative problem solving...more

Moody Foundation Hires Central Texas Grants Officer
Foundation: Moody Foundation

Since then, the Foundation has made more than $1.6 billion in grants throughout the state to organizations that have educated, healed, nurtured...more

The Moody Art Fund Grants to 47 Dallas Art Organizations
Foundation: Moody Foundation

The Moody Fund for the Arts announced that it is awarding $175,000 in grants to 47 small Dallas arts organizations in its second year. This is...more

Moody Fund For The Arts Awards
Foundation: Moody Foundation

The Moody Fund for the Arts (MFA) awarded $175,000 in grants to 47 small Dallas arts organizations. In its second year, the Fund is...more

Moody Foundation for the Arts increases to $175000 the amount it's awarding to small arts groups
Foundation: Moody Foundation

For the second year in a row, the Moody Fund for the Arts has made its selections for the annual grant money that came about when the...more

YWCA Greater Austin Secures $100K Mental Health Services Grant
Foundation: Moody Foundation

AUSTIN, TEXAS — The YWCA Greater Austin has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Moody Foundation to further develop its mobile...more

Blanton's new $20 million grant may help transform downtown Austin
Foundation: Moody Foundation

Blanton's new $20 million grant may help transform downtown Austin ... the largest gift ever awarded to a member of Austin's fine arts...more

Moody Foundation Makes $5M Donation To Leadership Program
Foundation: Moody Foundation

DALLAS – The Moody Foundation has made its second $5 million grant to the Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS) program. PLS serves as...more

Moody Fund For The Arts Shares Application Dates
Foundation: Moody Foundation

The nonprofit AT&T Performing Arts Center today announced that applications for the second year of grants awarded by the Moody Fund for the...more

Moody Foundation gives $5K grant to Angelina Arts Alliance
Foundation: Moody Foundation

The Moody Foundation awarded the Angelina Arts Alliance a $5,000 grant that ... They combine classical music with hip-hop to create a unique...more

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