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Education Beat: Mott Foundation CEO White pauses, then restores, grants to Flint Schools; 200 at ...

Amare Green: “The Community Foundation has done so much for us as students … To take this away from the students coming up is so...more

Millions on the line: Mott Foundation president hopes to resolve conflict with Flint school board
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Flint Community Schools and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation have two weeks to figure out their differences, as critical funding for programs is...more

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has change of heart about pausing grants for Flint Schools
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

The Mott Foundation will grant $7 million to GAFF and Crim to ensure that YouthQuest and the Community Education Initiative can continue serving...more

Flint Community Schools holds board meeting following Mott Foundation's pause in funding

Mott Foundation's decision to freeze all grants due to not being able to communicate directly with Superintendent Anita Steward by the board...more

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation freezes all grants to Flint Community Schools
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

FLINT, Mich - The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is freezing all its grants to the Flint Community Schools. President of the Charles Stewart...more

Flint schools to suspend programming after Mott Foundation pulls funding
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

“The Mott Foundation remains open to making grants to Flint Community Schools,” White told MLive-The Flint Journal Tuesday afternoon. “We...more

Mott Foundation pulls funding from Flint schools over new board policy

The Mott Foundation is pausing all grants to the district. In a letter to the school board president, the Mott Foundation says it reluctantly made...more

Flint's MADE Institute excited for expanded collaboration with St. Luke's NEW Life Center through ...
Foundation: Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Ruth Mott Foundation

Life Center have received a $200,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan to provide returning citizens in transitional...more

Program educating Flint residents on COVID-19, vaccine aided by United Way relief funds
Foundation: Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Ruth Mott Foundation

In partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, CS Mott Foundation, Ruth Mott Foundation, the United Way of Genesee County...more

Orange County sheriff awards $100K to nonprofits, crime-prevention programs

Unlike most grant programs, OCSO's Community Crime Prevention Grant program does not require applicants to provide matching...more

Illustrative Grants from Mott Foundation

Flint Institute of Arts-$84,000

Wisconsin Wetlands Association-$90,000

Illinois Center for Violence Prevention-$225,000

Center for Community Change-$85,000

Hatcher Group-$220,000

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation-$225,000

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-$170,000

Collaborative Communications Group-$200,000

Epstein & Fass Associates-$42,000

Collaborative Communications Group-$100,000

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Is Corporate Philanthropy Dead?

Senay Ataselim-Yilmaz, Chief Operating Officer, Turkish Philanthropy Funds, writes that philanthropy often solves the very problems that stems from market failure. Some social issues, however,  cannot be tackled by questioning the return on investment.

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