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Program educating Flint residents on COVID-19, vaccine aided by United Way relief funds
Foundation: Community Foundation of Greater Flint, Ruth Mott Foundation

In partnership with the Community Foundation of Greater Flint, CS Mott Foundation, Ruth Mott Foundation, the United Way of Genesee County...more

Orange County sheriff awards $100K to nonprofits, crime-prevention programs

Unlike most grant programs, OCSO's Community Crime Prevention Grant program does not require applicants to provide matching...more

Orange sheriff gives over $100K to community orgs in new grant process

The Orange County Sheriff's Office this month divvied up more than $100,000 of forfeiture funds to 15 community programs or nonprofits dedicated...more

Berston Field House thankful as Ruth Mott Foundation extends plan committing to north Flint
Foundation: Ruth Mott Foundation

Since 2015 the Ruth Mott Foundation has provided millions of dollars in grant money. It's brought community programs, job training, and development...more

Ruth Mott Foundation extends north Flint strategic plan through 2025
Foundation: Ruth Mott Foundation

Foundation grants have helped eight community centers open and/or operate in neighborhoods across north Flint. The neighborhood hubs have...more

Program provides funds for Flint residents to renovate homes
Foundation: Community Foundation of Greater Flint

The Community Foundation of Greater Flint granted $15,000 in funding for staff support to facilitate the loan program. After homeowners apply to...more

Allentown School District superintendent Thomas Parker resigning
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

“We have dynamic business, civic and philanthropic communities. Each of these groups align to support the seeds of promise: our generation of...more

Flint street vacations could create Cultural Center parking now, future Applewood welcome center
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Ruth Mott Foundation

FLINT, MI -- The Ruth Mott Foundation has asked the city to vacate parts of two streets near Applewood Estates ... Flint three times and started the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, which has since...more

Puerto Rico Community Foundation, Racial Equity Building Institute for the Americas, 2020-07515
Foundation: Puerto Rico Community Foundation

Puerto Rico Community Foundation, Racial Equity Building Institute for the Americas, 2020-07515 The Puerto Rico Community Foundation plans...more

Mott Foundation grants nearly $450000 to demolish blighted structures and strengthen Flint ...
Foundation: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

A $448029 grant to the Genesee County Land Bank will fund three of the top eight projects residents voted on to strengthen Flint...more

Illustrative Grants from Mott Foundation

Flint Institute of Arts-$84,000

Wisconsin Wetlands Association-$90,000

Illinois Center for Violence Prevention-$225,000

Center for Community Change-$85,000

Hatcher Group-$220,000

Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation-$225,000

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-$170,000

Collaborative Communications Group-$200,000

Epstein & Fass Associates-$42,000

Collaborative Communications Group-$100,000

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Young at 24, Juan David Aristizabal Ospina is a social entrepreneur who founded Buena Nota, a platform that accentuates social entrepreneurs and citizens in Colombia making  positive changes and raising awareness about social problems that need to be addressed.

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