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Building Resiliency with the Arts

Together, Mitchell and the four students, now all attending college, founded ... a nationally award-winning, creative-and arts-based youth development program. ... With the support of Portland Public...more

Subject: Foundations and Donors Speak Out on Election Security
Foundation: Silicon Valley Community Foundation

A philanthropy scholar shows how fundraising can lead the way in fighting ... With threats of voter intimidation on the rise, 115 philanthropic...more

Lenovo Foundation

The Lenovo Foundation provides smarter technology for all by empowering under-represented communities with access to ... 2021 grants...more

Liveblog – What Donors Can Do About Lack of Funding for Women and Girls of Color
Foundation: NoVo Foundation

Of the $66.9 billion organized philanthropy contributes to movements and organizations, a half a percent supports these organizations and leaders....more

Ms. Foundation: Donors Must Step Up for Women and Girls of Color
Foundation: NoVo Foundation, Ford Foundation

According to the Pocket Change report: In the United States, total philanthropic giving to women and girls of color is about $5.48 per year for...more

Liveblog: Funding to End Violence Against Women of Color
Foundation: Gates Foundation, NoVo Foundation

Kiersten Marek, editor and publisher of Philanthropy Women, opened up our ... the webinar with a discussion on the idea behind Philanthropy Women. ... Cottman pointed out that it's not established...more

Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley will provide grants to support local food system
Foundation: NoVo Foundation

Funded by the NoVo Foundation, the grants will support nonprofit farms and help to ensure their products reach people who need it most. The list...more

Azim Premji led 2019's biggest philanthropic gifts
Foundation: Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, Gates Foundation, NoVo Foundation

Some of the world's richest people continued to give away chunks of their fortunes to charitable causes in 2019. Two of the world's billionaires...more

VIVA Girls: How MADRE Funds Girls on the Margins
Foundation: NoVo Foundation

... work,” VIVA Girls is “exploring the philanthropic sector's ability and practices to reach girls on the margins, recognizing that philanthropy [is]...more

A Young Elected Officials Network Convening Panel on Philanthropy: “It's Anti-Democratic.”
Foundation: Akonadi Foundation, NoVo Foundation

Simon said as She noted that participating in philanthropic work is one way to ... The panel, titled “The Role of Philanthropy in Supporting...more

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“Women are Natural Social Entrepreneurs”

Can women lead the social enterprise revolution? Women are now starting social enterprises in rapidly-growing numbers. Women’s traits like compassion, long-term thinking, and social orientation are deemed as no longer weaknesses, but recognized as strengths.

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