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National Charities Give Less, by Nearly Half, to the US South
Foundation: Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Southern Education Foundation , Community Foundation of South Alabama, Kellogg Foundation

Byrne is president and CEO of the Community Foundation of South Alabama, and she's found that strengthening her relationships with...more

Q&A with Candidate, Lauren Welsh, Atlanta Council District 2
Foundation: Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Southern Education Foundation

lauren welsh (APN) ATLANTA — In our continuing coverage of the City of Atlanta 2017 Municipal Elections, this article presents the...more

Southern Education Foundation, Inc.
Foundation: Southern Education Foundation

Awarded $600,000 in December 2011 to support preparation for reaccreditation reviews of historically black colleges and universities. View...more

New Leaders at Nuclear Threat Initiative and San Diego's Jewish Community Foundation
Foundation: Southern Education Foundation , Columbus Foundation, Tow Foundation, Hewlett Foundation

Ernest Moniz, who served as secretary of energy in the Obama administration, will be chief executive of the Nuclear Threat...more

How History Impacts the Health of a Community
Foundation: Southern Education Foundation , Kellogg Foundation

The social determinants of health—the economic, social and political circumstances that impact the health of individuals—was an important topic of focus during the 5th Annual National Conference...more

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Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Associates Guide Clients to Spur Social Wellbeing and Purpose

Social Enterprise Associates Guide Clients to Spur Social Wellbeing and Purpose

Social Enterprise Associates (SEA), a New Mexico fellowship of consultants banded together to deliver social mission-based services, are the first, B Lab certified company in the region and have been awarded as one of the 2014 Best for the World B Corps for their long-range economic and social impact.

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