Walton Family Foundation, Inc. (AR)

The Walton Family Foundation was established in 1962 by Sam and Helen Walton. One of their goals was to increase opportunity and improve the lives of others along the way.

Their guiding principle - to benefit the deserving people and inspiring projects around the world - derives the philanthropic mission of the Walton Family Foundation.

Today, the foundation is focused on sustaining the Walton's timeless small-town values and their deep commitment to making life better for individuals and communities.

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Recent News from Walton Family Foundation

Bentonville: Walmart's company town
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation

The WFF presents itself as an altruistic, philanthropic charity dedicated to the well-being of the wider Northwest Arkansas (NWA) region. But...more

Walmart's Company Town of Bentonville, Arkansas
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation

The Walton Foundation also uses its financial power to capture government infrastructure grant dollars. Many federal grants for infrastructure...more

More than 26000 apply to move to NW Arkansas and get $10G
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation

A music producer and creative community curator from Los Angeles ... living, plentiful outdoor lifestyle perks, nationally ranked arts, culture and...more

Walton Family Foundation plans more than $2 billion in philanthropic support over next five years
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation

The Environment Program envisions North America as a leader in improving ... quality and availability through climate-resilient approaches to agriculture, ... Drive Innovation: Working with...more

Who calls the shots on the Colorado River? | Writers on the Range
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation

The Colorado Conservation Water Board boosted demand management into a ... Without doubt, the foundation has supported the region's...more

Groups get $1.3M to boost diversity
Foundation: Arkansas Community Foundation, Walton Family Foundation

It is a program of the Arkansas Community Foundation. The 14 organizations completed True's nine-month training program in 2019, participating...more

AJ Donors and Funders
Foundation: Aspen Community Foundation, Bohemian Foundation, General Service Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Walton Family Foundation

Barbara Reese, via the Stargazer Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation Barbara Reid and David Hyman Curtis Robinson Jill Soffer, via...more

Grant opportunity available for NWA arts and culture nonprofits
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation

CACHE (Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange) is the regional arts service organization launched in August 2019 as a pillar of...more

Organization announces more grants for local arts organizations impacted by COVID-19
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation

Developing new sustainable and inclusive business models, staffing models, programs and strategies. Winding down programming and...more

Electronic monitoring grants will benefit Alaska fisheries
Foundation: Walton Family Foundation

... grants were awarded through the Electronic Monitoring and Reporting Grant Program, a partnership of NFWF, NOAA, the Walton Family...more

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