Brandeis University Grant

Organization - Brandeis University
Grant Amount - $68,362
Foundation - Mott Foundation
Grant Purpose - This grant will enable Brandeis University's Institute on Assets and Social Policy to conduct an external evaluation of asset-building grantmaking activities under the Mott Foundation's Income Security portfolio between 2000 and 2007. This review will assess progress, relative to baseline, on the outcomes sought for the grantmaking portfolio. In addition to progress, the final evaluation report will show examples of how the asset-building grantmaking strategies have been expanded in the field; how the Mott Foundation's work to inform policy, improve practice, and evaluate promising strategies influenced these efforts; and what impact the Foundation's investment in these strategies had on poverty alleviation. The institute is dedicated to the social mobility of individuals and families, particularly those traditionally left out of the economic mainstream, and to the expansion of the middle class.

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Vicki Butler-Henderson Launches SMaRT Garage Social Enterprise

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