Civic Initiatives Grant

Organization - Civic Initiatives
Grant Amount - $120,000
Foundation - Mott Foundation
Grant Purpose - The program goal is to nurture and strengthen democratization and good governance in Serbia by increasing public -- and especially youth -- participation in decisionmaking processes at all levels. To this end, Civic Initiatives will work to strengthen the nonprofit sector, improve interethnic relations, provide civic education, promote educational reform, and increase the capacity of young people and youth organizations. In 2006-2007, the grantee assisted over 25,000 representatives from more than 2,000 nongovernmental organizations through its training and consultation programs and distributed a monthly newsletter to 2,000 subscribers. The grantee is a leader in a national federation of nonprofits, which works to improve the relationship with the government and create a favorable legal and fiscal environment. In 2006, the grantee involved more than 5,000 young people in activities that reached over 500,000 people in 52 communities. Established in 1996, Civic Initiatives is one of the largest and most successful nongovernmental organizations in the Western Balkans region.

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Center for Civic Cooperation - $60,000 from the Mott Foundation - The overall project goal of the Center for Civic Cooperation is to promote vibrant local democracy by increasing people's participation in local decisionmaking in two districts of western Bosnia-Herzegovina. Activities during the next two...


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