Southern Education Foundation Grant

Organization - Southern Education Foundation
Grant Amount - $200,000
Foundation - Mott Foundation
Grant Purpose - This grant will enable the Southern Education Foundation to continue to monitor dropout rates in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi in an effort to focus more attention on the consequences of students in the South not completing school. In the most recent phase of the project, the grantee developed a strategically placed network of advocates in the targeted states to push for more effective programs and policies that reduced dropout rates and refocused attention on the thousands of students who dropped out of school in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. During the next phase, the grantee will encourage the development of dropout recovery programs, monitor the implementation of new and innovative policies that reduce dropout rates, convene stakeholders on addressing graduation/dropout issues, and disseminate key reports and findings on short- and long-term strategies that address the needs of dropouts in the South.

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