Donor Advised Fund Grants from the Schwab Charitable for 2019

This map shows domestic grants from Schwab Charitable for the most recent reporting years. more...

According to the Chronicle on Philanthropy the five largest donor-advised fund sponsors accounted for the majority of record DAF contributions in 2020. Fidelity Charitable, National Philanthropic Trust, Schwab Charitable, Vanguard Charitable Endowment, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation — raised roughly $24.5 billion in 2020, more than half of the total amount contributed to such funds last year.

Grants from Major DAF Providers

Fidelity Charitable

Domestic Giving
$ 6,051,674,174
$ 4,770,141,679

National Philanthropic Trust

Domestic Giving
$ 1,203,341,987
$   883,034,336

Schwab Charitable

Domestic Giving
$ 2,462,494,073
$ 1,862,828,450

Vanguard Charitable Endowment

Domestic Giving
$ 1,707,402,400

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Domestic Giving
$ 1,317,135,166
$ 1,829,307,838

This information is gleaned from the foundation's 990s file with the Internal Revenue Service. You can find more news and analysis of the local region supported by Schwab Charitable on its main topfoundationgrants page.

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