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Kathy Ann Anderson: On Giving
Foundation: Shasta Regional Community Foundation, James Irvine Foundation, Irvine Foundation

Kathy Ann Anderson, a CEO of the Shasta Regional Commnity Foundation has witnessed a different view in giving in the far Northern California. She has seen the beauty and positive results that have...more

Seven North Shore Organizations Receives $100,000 Each

Seven organizations in total were among the organizations to receive money from One World Boston's first grant cycle, where each organization received a grant for $100,000. The grants awarded were...more

Business Philanthropy Award for Island Books

Mercer Island's Youth and Family Services will give the Business Philanthropy Award to the local bookstore Island Books together with owners Roger and Nancy Page as recognition to their continuing...more

Service Learning Grants from Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation
Foundation: Brown Foundation

The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation has doled out service learning grants amounting to $24,676 and has been distributed to 6 Tangipahoa Parish schools. One of the grant recipients...more

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The “Lean Startup” Approach to Philanthropy

The “Lean Startup” Approach to Philanthropy

Homejoy, an affordable home cleaning service that caters to a broad audience and connects people with professional home cleaners online, has announced the recent establishment of its Homejoy Foundation. The foundation will provide financial grants to veterans and military families in need.

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