The Entrepreneur Leveraging 2 Million Followers To Drive Dramatic Social Change

credit: Register Guard

Steven Bartlett, a 26-year-old CEO and Founder of Social Chain, partnered with some of the world's top brands to lead a variety of social change initiatives.

John Greathouse, a serial entrepreneur and investor turned Professor of Practice at UC Santa Barbara, interviews Bartlett in a Forbes article.

The interview tackles what led Bartlett to found Social Chain, what caused him to focus on social issues. According to Bartlett, The Social Chain Group consists of over twenty worldwide companies within marketing, media, e-commerce, and technology to date.

Bartlett also explains his own definition of "social change," where his Social Chain Pledge aims to use Social Chain's creativity, influence and resources to achieve the seventeen global goals for a better world by 2030.

In the interview, Bartlett also discusses company and client risks, shares some of the initiatives he feels were the most effective, how does his Foundation play into Social Chain's mission, and specific tools, strategies or marketing platforms that he recommend to brands which want to promote social good-oriented messaging.

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