Grant Lawrence brings Smugglers to the Cove

Grant Lawrence brings Smugglers to the Cove Jill Barber and music buddies helping out author on tour

Grant Lawrence and Friends: An Evening of Stories and Songs featuring some of the North Shore's best musicians, including Craig Northey from the Odds, Dustin Bentall, the Smugglers acoustic (featuring Adam Woodall and Nick Thomas) and multi-Juno nominee Jill Barber. For more information and to reserve tickets visit

The difference between a book tour and a rock and roll tour, says Grant Lawrence, can be summed up in one word: appreciation.

On a rock tour, you are typically met in a urine-soaked back alley by a club manager who couldn't care less that you'll be filling his venue with art and patrons.

The CBC broadcaster, author and former frontman for The Smugglers still gets a kick out of reminiscing about those back alleys and even re-living (to some degree) the touring with his bandmates by getting back on stage. His wife, musician Jill Barber, will also perform, accompanied by an all star band made up of Dustin Bentall, Craig Northey, Adam Woodall and Nick Thomas.

Lawrence's latest book, Dirty Windshields, delves into his days touring with The Smugglers, and their beginnings at Hillside High in West Vancouver.

"Nardwuar was a few years ahead of me at Hillside, and as Student Council President, he made the executive decision to banish DJ's from our high school dances and bring in live bands," says Lawrence. There was a real athletics focus at Hillside, but it became a weirdly musical school."

Lawrence says that when he decided to dedicate his life to music, his father was none too pleased.

"He said to me, if you insist on flushing your life down the toilet, at least write it down.

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