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The age of AI: supercharging Europe's tech transformation

Business Planet travels to Dublin to see how one innovative firm's AI tech is offering children immersive ... Machines that make learning child's...more

“If you see a problem, try and solve it”: Interview with Ecosia's CEO, Christian

If you use a search engine, then you've probably heard of Ecosia. A truly social enterprise, this 'search engine for good' plants trees all over the...more

How Microsoft runs its $40M 'AI for Health' initiative

Tasked with administrating this philanthropic endeavor is John Kahan, chief data analytics officer and AI lead in the AI for Good program. I spoke...more

Brilliant Young Indian Entrepreneur Leila Janah Succumbs to Rare Cancer at Age 37

Leila Janah, a brilliant Indian American social entrepreneur who, even at a young age, worked fervently to provide thousands of less fortunate...more

Economist sees corporate future in purpose before profits

... inspired him to think differently about the role of businesses in society. ... In terms of making businesses eco-friendly way, the most innovative...more

Philanthropy's Global War on People
Foundation: Gates Foundation, Packard Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, United Nations Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies

There's a global war on the people of Africa, India, and Asia, and it's funded by American taxpayers—and philanthropists. The project is called...more

An update to a 37-year-old digital protocol could profoundly change the way music sounds

Basically, it is what musicians use to program music. ... to protocol, simplifying the creative process and giving musicians choice of what instruments...more

Assuring Taiwan's Innovation Future

Innovation has been a source of comparative advantage for Taiwan ... Yet by deploying resources and focusing its educational and...more

Can a Greener Microsoft Keep Up the Pace With Q2 Earnings After the Bell?

It is also launching a new $1 billion climate innovation fund, with a target to “accelerate the global development of carbon reduction, capture...more

Will Microsoft's New Climate Innovation Fund Include Hemp?

... than it emits by 2030 and to invest $1 billion over the next four years in a “Climate Innovation Fund.” ... depleted soils, mitigate the threat of climate change, and re-establish harmonic...more

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Social Enterprises, Co-ops Pushed to Support Crowdfunding Campaign

Social Enterprises, Co-ops Pushed to Support Crowdfunding Campaign

Social enterprises and co-operatives are being petitioned to unite, join and support a crowdfunding campaign that would be pitted against the lobbying power of big business.

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