American Heart Association Grant

Organization - American Heart Association
Grant Amount - $300,000
Foundation - Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust
Grant Purpose - To implement the Healthy Schools Program to fight childhood obesity in Maricopa County.

Similar Grants

National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality - $254,158 from the California Endowment - Childhood Obesity Action Network: To increase participation of California health care providers and key stakeholders in a national network working to prevent childhood obesity, including support for a California-focused regional hub and for...

San Joaquin County Public Health Services - $4,000 from the California Endowment - Childhood Obesity Summit: For sponsorship of a summit to bring together groups to help understand the childhood obesity crisis and to consider local actions to create a healthier environment in San Joaquin County.

Healthcare Education, Research and Evaluation Foundation of Southern California - $331,052 from the California Endowment - Childhood Obesity Initiative: To strengthen initiative capacity and increase diversity of participation to enhance community-level advocacy efforts and reduce childhood obesity in underserved populations in San Diego County.

California Center - $133,333 from the California Endowment - Youth Engagement and the California Statewide Youth Board: To provide technical assistance and engage youth throughout California as partners and leaders in efforts to prevent childhood obesity through the Healthy Eating, Active Communities...

Red Rocks Music Festival - $5,000 from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust - To develop and implement a marketing campaign for musical events in Maricopa County.


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