We are interested in the role that government, small business and the nonprofit sector/philanthropy play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

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Project 365 Hatches Educational Opportunities

The Chi Psi fraternity holds its annual "Project 365" event auctioning its members and volunteers to supply dates to the highest bidders and to raise funds for a school in India. The fraternity...more

Local Millenials Enrich Community through Philanthropy

Capital Cause , a D.C. nonprofit founded by Kezia Williams, is spending their money and hours to local community projects. Capital Cause members are local Millennials and most of them are...more

The Bachman-Strauss Foundation Announces Scientific Grants

The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation Scientific Advisory Board awarded two interrelated grants, totaling $330,000 over two years for H.A. Jinnah, MD, PhD, Professor, neurology, human...more

Philanthropy the future of business: Simon McKeon

The 2011 Australian of the Year, a businessman and philanthropist himself, Simon McKeon promotes corporate philanthropy as he says there is a hunger within the corporate world to use the...more

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Charity Database Lets Couples Donate for a Cause

Charity Database Lets Couples Donate for a Cause
Kendall Webb, founder of JustGive.

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