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Helsinki selected for the ICLEI Action Fund: 7M€ for data-driven projects in Europe

org's commitments to accelerating climate action to build more sustainable cities through technology and innovation. has provided...more

Subject: Surprising Pandemic News; Legislation to Speed Up Giving; Crypto Giving Made Easy

Still, the Center for Effective Philanthropy study found some troubling news: There were widespread disparities in how nonprofits led by women...more

250000 businesses to benefit from new economic recovery programme

Arifu and, supported by (Google) philanthropy platform, have launched a suite of free interactive training and information...more

The Power of People: Why Philanthropy Requires More Than Money

Wharton's Katherine Klein talks with Brigitte Hoyer Gosselink of about how Google's philanthropic arm leverages financial and...more

Cash grants have a huge impact in a crisis—and technology can make that impact even bigger

At, Google's philanthropy, we've been experimenting with direct cash assistance for nearly a decade, and, as part of our $100...more

Covid billionaires should help starving people, says charity boss

Google said it had provided $800m to small businesses, as well as $100m towards Covid relief from its philanthropy arm, Amazon...more

Croatian Makers 2020 Review: Digital Skills for the Next Generation

The Institute for Youth Development and Innovation (IRIM) is the largest non-state educational program in the EU that helps children realize...more

Tiempo: Virtual program helping immigrants, Latino small businesses owners

They partnered with "Hispanics in Philanthropy" to create a fund to provide financial assistance during these hard times. And the "Hispanic...more

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Recycled Water Bottle Roof for Disaster Housing

Stemming from a Kickstarter campaign, a recycled water bottle roof would provide shelter for disaster victims in light of the recent devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

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