NGO Forum on ADB Grant

Organization - NGO Forum on ADB
Grant Amount - $50,000
Foundation - Mott Foundation
Grant Purpose - This general purpose grant to the NGO Forum on ADB will support its efforts to support and build the capacity of nongovernmental and community organizations in Asia to influence the policies and practices of the Asian Development Bank. The focus will be on reducing negative environmental and social impacts of projects funded by the Asian Development Bank. To achieve this goal, the grantee will undertake research, education, and advocacy efforts with a regional network of local community and nongovernmental organizations and other partners. Through this grant, the NGO Forum on ADB will provide high quality and timely information to its network, initiate and disseminate research and analysis of existing projects and policies, develop recommendations for reform of Asian Development Bank policies and practices, build capacity of network members, and act as a convener of network-wide strategic and tactical planning.

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