Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Grant

Organization - Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Grant Amount - $100,000
Foundation - Hewlett Foundation
Grant Purpose - for an assessment of the impact of US biofuels on the international market and developing countries

Similar Grants

International Food Policy Research Institute - $1,150,000 from the Hewlett Foundation - for an assessment of the impact of trade negotiations on least-developed and developing countries

Center for Effective Philanthropy - $80,000 from the Packard Foundation - For a market and impact assessment

Friends of the Earth - $200,000 from the Mott Foundation - Friends of the Earth is the United States affiliate of an international network of environmental organizations in 70 countries. Through this project, Friends of the Earth works to strengthen environmental policies in the institutions that invest...

Institute of Development Studies - $424,520 from the Rockefeller Foundation - to conduct a value chain analysis on horticulture in East Africa and agriculture in Southeast Asia, and to explore the feasibility of developing a strategic consulting and training entity able to provide below-market services to governments and...

International Institute for Environment and Development - $100,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation - for the costs of a joint initiative with the Founda-tion for International Environmental Law and Development to examine the effect on developing countries of international trade, intellectual property and bio-safety policies


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